Eitem's wireless networking equipment


    About Us

    Eitem Group Ltd. is a high tech company which combines research,develop with marketing. Specialized in wireless networking equipments such as Wireless AP/CPE, POE Switch, 3G Industrial Routers,4G Industrial Routers and so on.

    Our top priority is quality first and the customer is supreme.

    Established in 2009, we have many experienced communication technicians. In a high speed  developing wireless communication tech industry ,we are devoting to matured tech products for applied innovation and  using high tech product in a lower cost.

    In HR respect, we pay attention to the development and training for human resource. Fully respect every employee's dignity and rights, mobilize the enthusiasm. Our aim is create an enthusiasm and passionate work team. High quality products, best service and good reputation are  the golden keys for developing market ; Strict and impartial management system, noble sentiment and high qualities are  guarantees  to succeed in Eitem's career!


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